Problem Solving Using Algorithms and Data Structures – Competitive Programming Part-2

If you missed the part-1 of the series, you can find it here. This part will deal with the next step in your journey – starting to solve problems using data structures and algorithms. There are many ways to do this. I have personally found going through a few things very apt in this process. […]

Programming And Algorithms Basics – Competitive Programming Series – Part-1

The first step you take venturing into the world of competitive programming is to learn programming – programming language(s), their constructs, logic, basic problem-solving and algorithmic approach to the same. This part will give you the essential guidance for accomplishing all of the above. I) Programming Languages: The very first thing you need to learn […]

Habit Formation – The only way that works

We have all wanted to be consistent with one thing or the other at least once in our lifetime. We have all had new year resolutions. Most of us have had the same resolutions every year coz they didn’t work the year before. Most resolutions work until January 7th, or at the most January 15th […]

Do You Wanna Empower Your Life? BLAME YOURSELF!

Yes, you heard me right. BLAME YOURSELF. Before, we get into the part where I explain why blaming yourself can empower your life, I am going to have to ask you something. When someone wrongs you, do you feel victimised? When someone you believed, trusted, doesn’t live up to that trust, do you feel cheated? […]