The Holy Kural Series – NOTE To The Readers

Hello to all the readers!

Before I venture upon the journey of taking up this series and doing justice to it, there are a few things that I want all of you to know:

1. The Holy Kural – Thirukkural is written more than 2000 years ago. It is such a great ancient epic literary work that I really can’t do enough justice no matter how I write.

2. I will write, not the direct meaning of whatever was written by him, but my own interpretation of what was written.

3. I will write my own interpretation in a way that it will convey his message without distorting it, but also in a way that people of our generation can understand and obtain meaning out of it.

4. This series is divided into 3 sections:

  • Virtue
  • Wealth
  • Love & Sensuality

5. Every chapter in a particular section will have a subtle relationship with every other chapter in a way, that, at the end of the series, you will be able to connect all the dots and come out as a better person.

6. I will try and make the most justice to the original work, as much justice as I can.

7. I will add a separate post from where you can access all the articles in this series.

8. It is important that you go through the series reading one article after the other in order. This is because of the fact that most of the chapters are interdependent and base their meaning and messages off the previous ones.

9. Almost all the posts in this series will have a mixture of beyond the world ideas, ideas that will challenge your beliefs, ideas that will make you question your reality, ideas that will give you ‘aha!’ moments and ideas that will do just much more than these.


The only basic rule to go through this series and come out as a better person is this – Open Mindedness.

Anything you come across, before you shrug it off and throw it away as something that you don’t agree with, start questioning. Question why you want to disagree. Question why you agree with what you agree with. Then keep questioning until you get the answer that satisfies you.
Question – Learn – Repeat.


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