The Chrome Extensions You Should Absolutely Have

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There are many chrome extensions that will serve you greatly in a lot of areas – making your life easier, making every day turn out to be more productive, enabling you to complete your tasks faster, etc.

Listed below are some of the bestest chrome extensions and apps that you should absolutely have.

Hola Better Internet

Hola lets you see the sites that are blocked or censored in your country, company or school. Using VPN technology, it works in unblocking those blocked sites thus letting US citizens outside America watch Hulu, Netflix, etc. It’s free to use, unlike some other services, and you get to choose which country you want to access the service from.



It is a combination of Android app and browser extension that allows users to easily share files, notifications, links and other material between their phone and their computer. Pushbullet can send you your phone’s notifications, such as instant messages, calls, WhatsApp messages, Facebook notifications right to your desktop, and in turn, you can also share notes, links, lists and files across all of your devices. Pushbullet has a “Channels” feature which sends notifications from a variety of sources such as online deals, news, website newsfeeds and more.

Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate

This is a must-have extension for any power surfer. Awesome Screenshot provides the tools that make capturing and annotating portions of webpages very easy. You are given the option to save the captured screenshots to your local hard disk or upload it to your storage in account for easy sharing. Record entire web pages with ease and save images even over the old 2 megabyte limit.

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail is a browser add-on available for Chrome. This add-on lets you schedule emails for a point in the future and those messages will be sent even if you are not online. This add-on’s capabilities works perfectly for sending automated business replies, not forgetting birthdays, and sending messages at a time when you know the intended receiver will be available.


StayFocusd is an amazing extension for users who while away their time instead of working. Users can set themselves a time allowance for particular sites such as social networks, RSS readers or news sites, and once they have hit that limit, the access to those sites will be blocked. The extension is highly configurable, allowing you to block access to a particular blocklist, restrict access to everything except an approved list or even block access to all websites. The awesome thing here is, to remove the block, you need to go through a tedious process of typing a particular passage without any error. If you make even a single error, you will have to start all over again. This is to frustrate the users and make them give up the thought of removing the block so that they would get back to work. The developer of this app hit the right spot I’d say!


This is a very good chrome extension designed to help keep your personal details private by providing easy controls to allow you to decide which services can track you, and which cannot. There are no payments involved whatsoever. It’s a completely free service. Instead of asking for payment, the service allows users (if they choose – it’s off by default) to ‘donate’ data about the trackers they come across in their normal Web browsing – all of which is completely anonymous, of course.

By default, it’ll show the trackers running on each Web page you load and if you want to individually allow or block any of them, you just need to click Ghostery’s icon in the taskbar and toggle each of them on-and-off.

Checker Plus for Gmail

This extension is the real deal if you are a frequent Gmail user. Some of the free core functionality includes support for multiple accounts and replying/reading/starring/deleting messages directly from the drop-down extension icon, but there are more advanced features too, like the ability to have messages read aloud or to select different desktop notification sounds for different email accounts.

Turn off the Lights

This is another extension designed to make your YouTube (or other videos) consumption very much distraction-free and easy. Using it is simple, just install it, play around with your settings (by right-clicking the lightbulb icon in your address bar) and then you can forget about it and let it do its thing, provided you set it to automatically dim the lights each time a video loads.


This extension turns chrome’s new tab page into a productivity center with Taco, a Chrome extension that pulls your incoming tasks and notifications from more than 40 Web tools and services, displaying them all for easy reference and prioritization. Users can drag and drop to organize the tasks list, mark tasks as done, as well as hide notifications so that they can focus on the most important ones. It’s a great way to see everything you need to do on one convenient page. Taco is a truly unified task list with a single view into all of your existing tasks, from more than 40 services. If you’ve had to open three browser tabs just to know what’s on your plate, you know why this matters. Keep using the services you love. Get more done.


If you are an avid reader or if you are a killer for productivity, this is the only extension you will need. This extension clears up every other distraction in any webpage that you wanna read, converts it to a page with just the content alone which makes it easy to read.

Facebook One

This extension shows you any notification that comes up in facebook. The only trade-off is that it shows only the count of the notifications – may it be messages, notifications, friend requests or anything else. You can click on that and go to the facebook page that takes you right to the notification.
It’s actually pretty compact when compared to the other facebook notification extensions out there.


Jot is a new tab page replacement that turns it into a note-taking tool. Clean, simple, Jot displays your text in clear, readable text, with some neat photographs in the background. It’s a good, minimalistic replacement for the new tab page.

AdBlock Plus

This is one of the most popular advertisement blockers online. It has options to block almost all kinds of ads, malware, and social media buttons. You can also customize the options for filters and whitelists. This is a great extension for people who are annoyed by irrelevant ads in the websites they visit.


TabCloud allows to easily save and import open tabs across desktops. Users can save all of their currently open tabs to the cloud, and then open some or all of their saved tabs on another desktop machine at their convenience. Users can view their saved windows, selectively open tabs from particular windows or even drag and drop tabs from one saved window to another.

CiteThisForMe: Web Citer

This extension is a great boon for students. It can be painful properly attributing online papers, articles from journals. CiteThisForMe comes to your rescue with this extension that allows you to quickly create a properly formatted website citation for the APA, Chicago, MLA, and Harvard citation styles, which you can easily save or copy to the clipboard for use in your documents.


Feedly is an excellent online RSS reader that is highly feature-packed and customizable. The traditional list style let you go through loads of content while a more visual magazine style allows for a more stylish presentation. Feedly includes a synchronization option with cross-platform devices. So, no matter where you go, you can sync the content across many devices.

Google Keep

This is the best chrome app for note taking, list making, planning, journaling, etc. With the updated features that are in Keep right now, you have multiple extended capabilities, which also includes adding media to your lists, content, and notes. An absolute must need if you are a killer for productivity.

X-Marks Bookmark Sync

The best chrome extension I have seen for keeping the bookmarks safe. This extension allows you to sync all your bookmarks to the cloud and retrieve them whenever you want to do so. Being the best bookmarking backup extension for chrome, this comes with many customization options.


The LastPass extension lets you store all your passwords in the LastPass web server and allows you to login to any website in a single click.

Black Menu

If you heavily rely on google’s services for your everyday work, this might just be the extension you will need. When clicked, it will give you a pop-up menu that will list all the available Google services which you can access.


Do you find navigating through pages by clicking the page numbers frustrating? Do you find slideshows annoying? Do you wish that all the content is available on one scroll? Then, this is the extension for you. This basically converts all the pages and slideshows into one full scrollable page. It is a brilliant extension if I may add.

Save to Google Drive

If you are someone who requires Google Drive for many of your tasks, this is the extension for you. It allows you to seamlessly integrate your google drive with this extension and you can add any page, images, content to your google drive with this extension, in just a single click.

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket extension allows you to save HTML pages and their content for tagging and offline reading. Pocket app is available for multiple platforms – Android, Osx, Windows, and Blackberry.


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