Learn And Master Python – A Definitive Guide – Introduction

This is going to be a pretty detailed and a definitive series on Python. This is absolutely what you will need in your journey to learn and master Python.

Python is the hottest programming language right now with many tech giants basing their core stack on it and many other tech giants moving towards it. Also, it has a very engaging community of smart and intelligent open source developers. It is very easy to learn Python and it takes considerably less time to master compared to C++, Java, C#, etc.

So, you want to learn and master Python. You want to develop something cool. You probably wanna develop a game like 2408. You probably want to create a web application or may be you want to create a website like Quora.

Whatever your goal is, this series will take you from being a novice to an advanced level professional in the world of open source programming with Python.

This series is divided into five parts:

1. Learning Python – Level Beginner

2. Progressing in Python – Level Intermediate

3. Advancing in Python – Level Advanced

4. Django Unchained – Learn and Master Django

5. The World Of Open Source Development With Python

First Part – Learning Python – Level Beginner:

In the first part, I will introduce you to the world of Python.  The post will guide you to familiarise yourself with Python and the absolutely essential things you need to know when you dive into learning Python.

Second Part – Progressing in Python – Level Intermediate:

In the second part, once you are familiar with basics of Python, you will be introduced towards a little bit more technicalities and the things you will need to know to start solving problems.

Third Part – Advancing in Python – Level Advanced:

In the third part, you will be introduced to advance techniques, methodologies, and things that Python offers that you could take advantage of, whatever purpose it is that you use it for.

Fourth Part – Django Unchained – Learn and Master Django:

Django is one of the most important frameworks with respect to Python programming language. It’s everywhere, and you will need Django more than often in the projects you develop. So, an entire part is going to be devoted to introducing and guiding you through the steps you must follow to learn and master Django.

Fifth Part – The World Of Open Source Development With Python:

In the fifth part, you will learn about all the opportunities you will have with Python in your arsenal of skills. This will include what kind of things you can develop, what type of projects it is best suited and all such details.

Do watch out for further posts. I want to give the best guide possible for this entire thing. So, I will do a research as extensive as possible, putting together resources, materials, and proper step by step guidance.

Good-luck with your journey to learn and master Python. It won’t take just 21 days to learn and master it. It certainly won’t take 10 years either. If you are dedicated and spend time everyday consistently on learning it, you will be looking at mastering it within a year or two.

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