One Day, You Will Be Dead – Truth. You Only Live Once – False!

I found the following picture in Quora. Hopefully, it will explain to you clearly, whatever I mean to say. This picture is the best representation of the message for those who feel that they want to do many things but haven’t got the time or resources to do it all.

The truth is – One day, you will be dead. 

But, many of us are of the opinion that we only live once. Is it the truth? Or is it only gossip? It’s not the truth as is. It’s just a widespread belief. Here’s the truth for you.

Here's something true: One day, you will be dead. Here is something false: You only live once. It takes about 7 years to master something.  If you live to be 88, after age 11, you have 11 opportunities to be great at something.  These are your lifetimes. Most people never let themselves die. Some are afraid of death. Some think they are  already ghosts. But you have many lives. Spend a life writing poems. Spend another building things. Spend a  life looking for facts. And another looking for truth.  These are your lifetimes. USE THEM.



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