The Most Important Secret Ingredient For Success And Happiness

Do you want to be successful? You might say, ‘No, I want to be happy’. But if you didn’t already know, success won’t come to you without happiness already existing in your life. So, when I ask you if you want to be successful, that means, happiness is a pre-requisite. Coz, you don’t become happy by becoming successful. You become successful by being happy while you are doing whatever you do, en route to whatever you define as success.

OK. Let me rephrase the question again. Do you want to be happy and successful? Like, always?

Happy and successful

For the first question, you might have answered “Yes!”. You might have also asked in a silent mumble, “but how?!”.

There! You are very well on your way to what you want. Why? Because, in life, you can always have a yes as an answer. You just gotta ask the right question. If yes is the answer, the most important question that a person should ask is ‘how?’. 

I will answer the how part of your first question – how to be happy and successful. 

Let’s now break this question into two parts. ‘How to be happy?’ and ‘How to be successful?’.

Reverse Engineering The Secret Ingredient Of Successes and Accomplishments:

Let’s take a look at some of the most successful people in the current times – Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Anil Ambani, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Roger Federer, Jamshedji Tata, etc.

All of these people must have something in common. The goal of this article is to find that out and present it to you in the simplest yet the most understandable manner.

First of all, let’s take Zuckerberg.


What made him successful? Facebook. 

What did he do to make Facebook into what it is right now? He coded, worked hard, managed, outsourced, innovated, brought in innovators, hired very highly capable people, etc. 

Where did all this start? In Zuckerberg creating a social network called Facebook that rose to popularity amongst the youth and the older generation alike. 

How did Facebook become popular? Because, there was nothing like facebook to connect with people in the most intriguing and the most amazing way. 

How was facebook created as something which was intriguing and amazing? It was because Zuckerberg conceptualized the model of the social network and improvised on that. 

Where did the concept of the Facebook’s model come from? From Zuckerberg’s decision to create a social network better than the ones that already existed. 

What made him take that decision? His vision to connect the entire world. What started off as a university project to connect the entire university, to rate the hotness of the students in the university as ‘Facemash’, when it gained popularity, the vision improved into the one to connect the entire world as one with Facebook. 

Where did that vision originate? In Zuckerberg’s ‘THOUGHTS’. He ‘thought’ about connecting the entire world into one and making it a better place. He ‘thought’ about leveraging facebook’s popularity to accomplish that. He ‘thought’ about making world a better place, inspired by Steve Jobs’ advice. He ‘thought’ about making communication across continents easier. 

Even the basic concept of the Facemash site was once nothing but Zuckerberg’s THOUGHTS. The design of the site? Yup, his thought. The backend working of the website? Yup, his thought. What about his choice of programming language, the decision to go with PHP for creating Facebook? Yup, started as a thought, as a discussion in his own mind about which language would suit the best for his vision.

It suffices to say, what Facemash was, when it got released in Harvard, was once nothing but a bunch of thoughts in Zuckerberg’s mind. It all started with a single thought in his mind.

What Facebook is today, it’s sufficient to say that it is an amalgamation of the thoughts of a bunch of people who work for Facebook, including Zuckerberg.

Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs revolutionized the technology industry in the most unimaginable way. He set the standard for perfection, quality, and almost every piece of technology and gadget you see these days. He showed the world how it is done with his ineffable discipline and attention to detail.

How did Steve Jobs become ‘the Steve Jobs’? He dedicated himself to a cause.

What was that cause? To make the world a better place, and to use technology to accomplish that.

What did he do in technology that made the world a better place? With his vision, he made APPLE into what it is known as now – the organization of perfection that has always created technology which is far ahead of its time.  

What made APPLE such a legendary organization? Especially, what’s Steve Jobs’ part in that? He helped revolutionize the music industry with iPod and iTunes. He helped revolutionize the mobile phone industry by introducing iPhone with all the features that were ahead of their time. He also introduced to the world the best touch screen interface, touch screen iPod, best netbooks, laptops in the form of Macbooks, and there’s so much more to add to his line of accomplishments.

How did iPod happen? Steve Jobs wanted to give a device to the world which could hold at least 500 songs that people can carry in their pocket.

Where did that want arise from? From his desire to make music portable, that too, to make it quite easy porting it.

Why did he want to do that? Because, the music players that already existed were bulky and not really portable.

Where did this desire arise from? He had a look at the music players of his time and he thought, “How can I make this really compact, yet allow people to carry more music with them?”.

The same can be said for iPad, iPhone, Macbook, etc. Literally every single product he helped create, every single feature he helped add, all of them originated at some place. And, what is that place?

Yep. You’re right. They all originated in his mind, as a thought.

He thought about creating a phone, with a screen that responds to touch and features ahead of its time.

He thought about creating a smaller sized laptop like device without the extra frills of keyboard or any other add-ons. He helped create the tablet generation called iPad.

So, literally every single product apple created, all the features their products introduced – originated in the thoughts of the people that worked on those products right from conceptualisation to materialisation into the real world.

Jamshedji Tata:

This man, who singlehandedly created the Iron and Steel empire of India, is also responsible for many other accomplishments. He’s a true rags to riches story and a very inspirational one, of course.

Let’s apply the same reverse engineering process to Tata’s accomplishments also.

Let’s take one of his mention-worthy accomplishment of all time in the field of education and research – Indian Institute of Science.

The story of how IISC was formed is indeed an inspirational one.

So, Vivekananda, after hearing from Tata that he was going to Germany to get the soil analyzed, suggested that Tata himself should build a research institute in India where he could accomplish the same at a much lesser cost. So, IISC was built with a lot of people’s contributions. But where did the idea originate? It came from Swami Vivekananda. But where did it actually originate? In Swami Vivekananda’s thought. 

Reverse engineering these patterns found in the lives of all of the successful people point to the origin of their accomplishment to one place – their thoughts. 

You can reverse engineer the lives and the accomplishments of successful people all over the world and it will all lead you to the same conclusion. Their successes and accomplishments were all once nothing but a thought.

So, now that we have established the origin of the successes and accomplishments of successful people, let us go to the second part of the question.

Reverse Engineering The Secret Ingredient For Happiness:

Let’s take a really happy person. What are the traits that all the happy people have in common?

– They are secure about who they are.
– They value their time highly.
– They love themselves so much.
– They take care of themselves before they take care of the others.
– They have a very high self-respect.

and there are few many other traits common in happy people.

But what is the one thing that all happy people have in common? They feel happy.

Let’s break that down. How do people feel happy?

Before answering that question, let me ask one question and then we will continue the reverse engineering process.

Let’s look at a person, call him Joe. Now, Joe is a normal person. He is a cynic. He believes that the world is out to get him. He manages to find something wrong in every situation, everything he comes across. He finds problems everywhere. He is the kind of person who is drawn by the negative news everywhere, believes that everything is wrong with the world.

Guess how he feels? Not happy. It doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out, does it?

So, going back to our reverse engineering process, what is the reason people feel happy?

I know for one that when a person thinks good, positive & uplifting thoughts, finds opportunities everywhere, manages to find a good thing in everything, goodness in every person – he/she generally feels happy.

Another thing I know about feelings is that the nature of a person’s predominant thoughts decide how they feel. So, if a person’s thoughts are predominantly positive, uplifting, motivating and inspirational they will generally feel happy. If it is otherwise, they won’t.

So, where does happiness originate? At least in a lay man’s understanding, happiness is the result of a collection of thoughts. A single thought will spawn many related thoughts and so on. Have a single positive thought and having your focus on that will spawn many more positive thoughts. Have a single negative thought and you don’t even need to focus, it will naturally spawn many more negative thoughts.

So the place of origination of happiness – thoughts!

Take anything ever built, anything ever created and anything ever discovered on the surface of planet earth. Now reverse engineer that creation/discovery/product and you will always, like always find that it all goes back to a single thought, leading to an idea, and then to an inspired vision, which goes on until the thought is materialized into the physical world.

Take a Porsche, for example. Let’s assume you buy one with the money you have. You drive it home. You feel it physically. You see the car in front of you. But what was the origin of this particular car you see in front of you? Obviously mechanics and workers of that car company assembled the parts together and made it into what you see in front of you, right? Okay, now that both of us agree on that, let’s dig deeper. How did they know what all parts to assemble, what to leave out? They had a design blueprint of what parts should be fit together, which parts go where, etc. It is simple to figure that out. But, every single part included in that car and even the design of that particular car itself, where did all that originate? In a person’s mind!

You see, our thoughts give us a between this 3-dimensional physical world and the ethereal world where every thought is materialized immediately. But, unlike the world of ether, if all our thoughts manifested and materialized immediately, this world that we live in will be full of chaos. So, for a thought to manifest, it has to be supported by similar thoughts in a recurring manner, with the feelings of faith, love and belief. If you take self-help classics like ‘Think and grow rich’, ‘The science of getting rich’, ‘The Secret’, etc., you will find those authors supporting this idea. This is a breakthrough in the field of personal development because, this one revelation led to the betterment of many lives around the world.

So what is the secret ingredient to happiness and success? Thoughts. 

You use your thoughts wisely, think great things, think positive and uplifting things, support all those thoughts with faith and belief, you will find yourself feeling better, feeling happier.

You think of accomplishing or materializing something, believe in it firmly, support it with faith and hard work – you will see that your thoughts become your reality.

Now, answering the second part – ‘How to be happy and successful always? Well, you master your thoughts and feelings and drive them the way you want them to, depending on where you want to go and you will find that you will always be happy and successful. 

Everything man has ever created, everything man has destroyed, everything that has happened in this world has all happened as a sum result of quality of the totality of human thoughts in this world. Whatever you have in your life, you attracted them with your thoughts. Just one look at what you predominantly feel like and what thoughts give rise to those feelings in you – you will figure out why you feel how you feel. Take one look at your past, how you used to think and feel and whatever you have in your life now – you will understand that those thoughts and feelings led you here. Where you go from here is also going to be decided by the thoughts you have from now on, and the way you feel from now on. You see, both happiness and success arises from within you. You materialize things in your life with your thoughts and feelings. You get to decide. You have the complete power over your life. You’re not a victim. You’re the master of your own destiny and guess what? It all begins with you changing your thoughts.

At the end of the day, you, the soul-spirit, are the driver. The road is your life. The car is you – entirely. The steering is your mind. Your thoughts are your acceleration and gear. The brake is your control over the acceleration. The sum total of acceleration and braking, the movement of the car is analogous to your feelings. The progress the car makes from one place to another is the progress you make from one place to another in life.

You use the steering, acceleration, gear, braking, all in a proper, synchronized, appropriate way, and you get to the destination you want. You lose control, you know what happens! So, make one or the other choice with wisdom.


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