Time Management Series Part-2: Preliminary Measures For Success In Time Management – Step 1

This is the part 2 of the Time Management series. In the part 1 of the series, we covered the most important thing we need before we start on any journey – a strong & motivating reason, a strong purpose to do whatever we choose to do.

Now, this part will cover the step 1 of preliminary screening criteria for success in achieving the time management superpower.


The first and foremost screening criteria is decisiveness.


We all make decisions every single day. Every single day, you have a choice in literally everything you do in your life.  If you are like most people, you make the same choices every day, mostly choosing only what’s comfortable for you for that particular day.

The kind of decisiveness required for success is otherwise. The first and foremost thing to do if you want to start walking on the path towards success is to make a very strong and a compelling decision to do so. Any positive change in your life begins with a decision to start.

If you take a look at the qualities of the successful people all over the world, this one thing stands out – they made a decision to not let the world outside of them get the best of them, they made a decision to succeed, and they made a decision to give their everything to that decision. As Brian Tracy mentions in one of his famous books, people are poor because they haven’t decided to be rich, people are sick because they haven’t decided to be healthy, and people are fat & overweight because they haven’t decided to be fit and athletic. You can relate everything that you have in your life, everything that’s happening in your life, all to this one single rule. Whatever you have or have not, it’s all because of the decision or the lack thereof, that you once made/failed to make.

Carl Sanders decided to not let old age be a hurdle and he started the most successful franchise of today’s generation. Zuckerberg decided to connect the entire world and he gave his everything to create Facebook. Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to be the best of the bests in the bodybuilding universe and he didn’t rest until he was crowned number one in all the formats of the sport. He also decided that he will become an actor and that he will not let his accent stop him, and one look at what he has accomplished in hollywood will speak for him. Same goes for Matt Damon, Stanley Kubrick, Vishwanathan Anand, Robert Downey Jr, etc. Robert Downey Jr.’s case is the classic one. He was a drug addict, a junkie, and he was put in jail more than once. He spent closer to 3 years in jail and few many years in rehabilitation. He then made a decision to go clean around the year 2003 and look at where he is right now. The results speak for him.

Final Fence Doesn't matter what side you get off on.

You and I make decisions everyday. Whatever you have in life right now is because of the decision you once made. If you are a failure right now, if you are not in a position that you desire to be in, that’s also because of the choices that you have made. If you don’t have the job you wanted, it’s because you didn’t decide to work for it. If you have a controlling girlfriend, it is because of the decision you made to settle for her. If you have an abusive boyfriend and you can’t find a way out, it’s because you made a decision to keep yourself in that relationship. If you have succumbed to the choices that other people made for you, that’s also a choice of yours – to succumb to their choices for you.

Whatever you desire in life, whatever you want to have or have not, you just have to make a firm decision. Decide today, to do whatever it takes in order to accomplish whatever you really want. You have to want things so badly in order to make a decision. When you make that decision, you have to stick with it.


Real decisiveness is when you know what you have to do, and you make yourself do it even when you don’t feel like doing it. When you have the knowledge of what you need to do to accomplish what you want and you force yourself to do it, that’s when you give a chance for the superhero inside of you to take your place and work the magic.

Every single one of us has a superhero inside us. Most of the times, even when we are Superman, we carry with us a piece of Kryptonite in the form of indecisiveness, laziness, complacency, and most often we do all this by staying in our comfort zone. Let go of that Kryptonite, let yourself soar and fly high, and see for yourself the magic that happens when you do.

Whether you want in or want out, you just have to make a decision and stick it out.


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