Time Management Series Part-1: Here’s Why You Should Acquire The Time Management Superpower!

This is the part 1 of the Time Management Series.

Successful people are everywhere. If you take any person whom you deem more successful than you are, I can bet a thousand dollars that he/she is a better manager of time than you are. They have a superhuman level of productivity and time management, and we can call that a superpower because only very few people in this world are in possession of it.


What do those successful people have in common? What made them so successful? What made them accomplish the greatness that they currently have?

They are better managers of their time

All the successful people have this in common, unanimously. All of them possess this superpower of managing their time efficiently. There are people who make $500,000 per annum with just a 38-hour work week. There are people who have a lot of free time that they accomplish so much more than just their work.

They are very much respected

Accept it. You may sometimes be jealous of successful people, you may sometimes not like those who are successful, but you can never take away the fact that it’s all a form of respect. Other than that most of us look up to those who accomplish things that we ultimately want to. Successful people are respected everywhere they go, if not for anything else, at least for their superhuman productivity and time management (think Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sundar Pichai, Hans Zimmer).

No matter where they go, they don’t have to introduce themselves

This is obvious. Successful people don’t have to introduce themselves no matter where they go. Now, some of you might ask, “If Hans Zimmer is going to a NASA Convention, the scientists there may not know who he is and he might obviously have to introduce himself!”. I doubt that. When someone is really successful, ‘successful’ in the definition of the entire world, no matter where they go, there will at least be someone who will be aware of them and their success and they won’t have to introduce themselves. The span of the geographical location of this rule’s applicability is directly proportional to the level of success that the person has acquired.

They are highly productive

They get a lot more done in a week than you might normally accomplish in a month or in 3 months. Their personal productivity skyrockets once they start managing their time efficiently and as a result of that, they accomplish a lot, they keep a balance and they achieve greatness in their professional as well as their personal life.

They keep improving themselves in every area of their lives

For successful people, life is all about constant and consistent growth. Every single day, in every single way, they strive to become better and better. As a result of managing their time, they get their works done in a short while and they have a lot of time left to take care of their personal goals – working out, doing yoga, learning a new skill, connecting with their partner, going out on a date night, playing with their children, meditating, doing spiritual introspection, etc.

The first and foremost quality that all the successful people out there possess is that they manage their time very efficiently and that they are highly productive. When you start managing your time and improving your productivity wherever it is applicable in your life, you will start accomplishing more. This leads to a higher sense of self pride which further leads to overall happiness in all areas of your life. As a result, your relationships improve, the quality of your life increases and you feel blissful every single day as you wake up.

Now, why should ‘YOU’ better manage your time and become more productive?

The ultimate goal of anyone who wants to manage their time better and become more productive is to satisfy their ultimate needs – to give/share love, to spend more time on the things they love and to spend more time with the people who love them. For me, the ultimate goal is to buy freedom, and with that freedom, do the things that I have always wanted to do – to spend more time with my family and with myself, to work out twice a day, to get a pilot’s license, to learn kung-fu, to visit different places, to help people, etc. Some people want to have time to go out, try different cuisines, enjoy with their friends, party, and have fun. Some people are detached from the whole relationships thingy and they might want to travel, explore the world, help people who are less privileged than they are, etc. No matter who you are, you will have your reason, and that reason will never be to spend all the time of your life doing materialistic work.

The following are the reasons you should manage your time and be more productive. Following are what you will get when you manage your time and make yourself very productive.

More time to take care of your health

You realize the value of sound health only when you lose it. Peer pressure, stress at work, trying to confirm to the majority status quo around, etc., leads people to adopt bad habits – smoking, drinking, eating junk food, not taking proper care of their health, popping pills like some toffee, being a couch potato and so on.

When you start managing your time properly, you free so much of the time you were once spending on unnecessary and useless things, and you can utilize that time to start hitting the gym, do yoga, eat clean and healthy, pick your own food, cook your own food, and totally take care of your own body. When you are 20 or 30 you may not be aware of  the value of a sound body. People will say stupid stuff like “This is the age to eat. Go on and try this burger. You can never have enough pizza. Try that too. This is the age to do all this. If not now, when will you enjoy then?”. What these people don’t know is that even age 60 or 70 or even 80 is an age to eat. Even at such age you can eat so much and eat insane amount of food, if only you eat clean and proper food right from such a young age. If you are in your 20’s or better yet, if you are a teen, this age is the best time to start eating clean and keeping your food clean. When you eat clean, work out everyday and take great care of your body, your body reciprocates in an amazing way. It reciprocates even when you are 60 or 70. Check out the following videos of a 70 year old and a 77 year old vegan bodybuilders. The 70 year old started bodybuilding at his age 45. The 77 year old has been in the bodybuilding arena for quite a long time, but has since been a vegan for the last 25 years or so. I’m sure that those people who are giving stupid advice like the one mentioned above probably look older than these 70 year olds look.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

When you start hitting the gym and make it a habit, within 20-30 days of consistent visit, you start feeling great every time you workout. This is because of the consistent doses of endorphins and dopamine your brain releases every time you workout. Once you make a habit out of it, you would want to spend more time everyday on taking care of your body. That is where proper time management will help you by freeing so much of your time to spend on such activities.

More time to take care of your mind and spirit

Similar to the points mentioned above, you will have more time to take care of your mind and your spirit. You will have more time to read those books on your bucket list, more time to watch those movies you have always wanted to, more time to meditate and pursue the things that quench the thirst of your spirit.

More time to spend with your family

The most prominent reason that most people want to manage their time better is for them to be a great son/father/mother and to be a great spouse. You wanna take your parents to some place they have never visited? You wanna take your spouse on a date? You want to take your child to the playground and play all evening? You want to build a treehouse for your kid? Your kid wants you to teach him how to play the piano? You will get time for all of this once you start managing your time properly.

More time for yourself

This one is the most important reason. If there is one thing that all the successful people seem to want, it is time for and with themselves, away from the crowd and all the attention. Once you start getting used to the fame, attention and those kind of things, at one point or the other, you will want to have time alone every day, doing the things you want to do, or just sitting in silence listening to the vintage music that you love, in your big-ass headphone.

More FREEDOM to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want it

When you manage your time better, you can always choose what/when/how of the things you want to do. You can even take a break whenever you want, go to that nearest airport, pick a random flight and fly to any place, spontaneously. After you reach a particular level of success, you start delegating things and you free more time for yourself. This way, you gain the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want it.

Managing your time to the best possible extent and being more productive leads to the overall improvement of your life – physically, mentally and spiritually. When that happens, you have a sense of accomplishment, your sense of self-respect increases, you give back more, people respect you more, and the overall quality of your life as such improves by a great deal.

I have given the reasons for you. There will definitely be a strong reason for you to want to manage your time. For you to find that, do the following exercise.

  • Take a piece of paper
  • Write down all of your reasons, all the reasons that you can think of as to why you should manage your time most efficiently and why you should become more productive.
  • Once the list is done, rearrange the list in the descending order of strength, writing down the strongest reason first and the not so strongest reason at last, in the descending order of strength.
  • You can find my list below.

My list of reasons

When you have a strong reason for anything, you won’t need anyone to motivate you from the outside. The motivation will be available plenty from your inside that you will never have to seek outside motivation at all. There will be times when you might feel a dip in your inner motivation, I won’t deny that. Writing down these reasons will connect the core of who you are to these reasons. So, whenever you feel a dip in motivation, you should take out this list and read it and I am pretty sure that it will give you the push that you will need at such a time.


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