Who Would Play What If Kollywood Remakes Avengers

The Marvel avengers series is the most loved even in India. With Avengers Part 2 releasing tomorrow, I am gonna just cast some Tamil actors for the roles in Avengers for a fictional Kollywood remake of Avengers!

1. Vikram as the Iron Man:

The charming, intriguing genius with a cocky arrogance, and a larger than life persona – who else could pull that off other than our very own Vikram?

Vikram Iron Man

2. Arun Vijay as Captain America:

Thadaiyara Thakka established him as the versatile and a powerful actor who the audience can feel connected to. After Yennai Arindhaal, we have come to know him as the powerhouse performer. With his greek god like body, he would fit the role to a T.

Captain America

3. Vijay as Bruce Banner:

This role would be as close to Vijay in real life as possible. In real life, we all know him as the silent person who kills it when it comes to performing. It’s like Vijay has a split persona, one on screen and another off-screen. I think it’s very apt to cast Vijay as Bruce Banner. Even though we might not have seen Vijay, the actor in recent times, we can’t forget his performances in movies like Thulladha Manamum Thullum, Badhri, Priyamanavale, etc. He will bring the necessary charm to this character here!

Vijay Bruce

4. Ajith as Thor:

It’s the most obvious one. Someone who is a powerhouse performer, audience puller, at the same time has a menacing on screen presence – the most obvious choice for Thor would be Ajith!Thor

5. Arya as Loki:

We know the anti-hero Arya from his good ol’ Arinthum Ariyaamalum days. When he is given the freedom to perform creatively, he would pull off the Anti-Hero part very easily. This one, especially with Arya’s playfulness in real life, the way he is, and his irresistible charm adding to the contributing factors, it’s very clear and inevitable that he play Loki, as the brother of Thor – Ajith.


6. Jiiva as Hawkeye:

Jiiva might have a poor string of choice of scripts in the recent past, but we can’t forget the true actor he is, that movies like “Eee”, “Ko”, “Ram” showed to us. For the role of Hawkeye, there could be no other actor who would fit the role as much as Jiiva would. The picture says it all.


7. Nayantara as Black Widow:

If it’s Scarlett Johannson there, the obvious equivalent in Kollywood who is as sexy, as skillful at acting and as powerful a performer, it would be none other than Nayantara. She’s rocking her 30 and is still on the top of the list in Kollywood. Her acting chops combined with her oomph, screen presence, and her ability to become the character itself says that she is the best fit for the character of Black Widow. Who else could pull off the role of a sexy spy if not Nayan?

Black widow

8. Dhanush as Quick Silver:

I must definitely add Dhanush somewhere, coz the Tamil version of Avengers won’t be complete without him. However, for the kind of nuanced performance that the role of QuickSilver demands, I think it’s Dhanush who could do this with absolute ease.


9. Amy Jackson as Scarlet Witch:

As one of the up and coming promising actresses, I think Amy Jackson, with her looks and her acting chops, would do justice to the role of Scarlet Witch. The picture explains it very well. She looks almost similar to the Hollywood version, and with the improvement in acting that she showed in “I”, we all know that she could carry this role on her shoulders perfectly!scarlet witch

10. Bharath as Falcon:

This actor we know, is probably the most underrated in Kollywood, partly because of his poor choice of scripts, partly because leading directors were not yet ready to take him in their movies. We all saw the performer he actually is, in 555. Even though the movie went unnoticed, we know that he’s got it there. It would take just one movie for him to break through, like what YA did for Arun Vijay. The role of Falcon would be perfect for Bharath and I don’t think anyone else could do this role. At least not with the kind of subtle acting that this role demands.


11. Surya as War Machine:

As the closest comrade of Iron Man, I think Surya would do this role with such majesty and magnanimity since we have already seen Surya as a man of honor and duty on-screen, so many times.

Also, who could forget Pithamagan, where Surya and Vikram played comrades and had the best comic timing in the scenes where they both appeared together? With the level of comic timing that Iron Man and War Machine share, I think Surya would be the best fit for this role.

war machine

12. Ileana as Agent Maria Hill:

Ileana might not be famous in Kollywood, but she’s got the acting prowess with which she could take up and do justice to this role pretty easily!

maria hill

13. Kamal Hassan as Erik Selvig:

The name says it all. You give this man any role, he will play it with absolute perfection. The once brilliant scientist who fits the description of intelligence and insanity now, yep, Kamal has got it!

eric selvig

14. Vijay Sethupathi as Heimdall:

Vijay Sethupathi has got the looks and the menacing presence that the role of Heimdall requires which Idris Elba pull off convincingly. With his power-packed performance skills, there can’t be any other choice for Heimdall other than Vijay Sethupathi.


15. Prithviraj as Vision:

Mollywood knows the performer in Prithviraj, and this man could pull off any role at ease. For a role as Vision which has the contradictory theme of an android being confused about its purpose? Prithviraj would mold himself to fit that role perfectly!


16. Anniyan Vikram’s voice for the Voice Of Ultron:

I initially thought of adding Rajnikanth’s voice for the Voice Of Ultron, but then, for the kind of connect between Iron Man and Ultron, I think the alter ego of Vikram in terms of Anniyan Vikram’s voice would be the best fit for the voice of Ultron. Don’t ya think!ultron

What do you think about the choices for the cast? Do you have any other suggestions?


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