On Dreams, Passion, Hard Work, Courage and Life.

There’s an intense feeling – the feeling you get when you think of a dream very close to your heart. It’s the feeling that you get when you think of a dream that sets your soul on fire. When you think about pursuing it and realizing it, sometimes you get that immense passion in the form of soul’s inner-cry. When you get that feeling, you sometimes feel so overwhelmed that you feel like crying. You feel like crying not because you are sad. You feel like crying because that dream is worth it. You feel like crying coz that is all you want to do with your life. You feel that intense passion because that is your soul crying out to you, “Dude, this is what you are here for. Don’t ignore it. Go behind it. Chase it. Stop chasing people. Start chasing this.”

You feel that immense overwhelming outburst of passion because you have been suppressing what sets your soul on fire for a long time. You feel that way because you once showed your soul a glimpse of what it would be like to pursue that dream, but you never took a step to pursue it.

You probably want to. You are probably working hard to set up the basis for pursuing it. You are probably waiting for the right time. Or you have probably taken what others said and you have let go of the thought of pursuing it.

Whatever it is that has stopped you from pursuing it, stop now and think. Will there ever be something that will do the same to you as this dream does? Will there ever be something that will keep you up at night fantasizing, like this dream does? And if there will be such a dream, will you have the guts to pursue it then?

You see, people can’t do something. When they see someone doing that something that they initially wanted to do and gave up on, they just burn. They burn inside. They probably accept it and settle for the life they have. They probably keep regretting it inside and they put on a mask and a fake smile.

When you listen to them, they will tell you that you can’t do it either. Why? Coz they weren’t able to do it. They may not tell you explicitly. They will tell you implicitly.

“I want to become a full-time writer. That’s my dream man!”

“You can try.”

You can see how that poops on your dream. “TRY”. Some directly make it easy for you and say explicitly that you CAN’T. Some poop on your dreams indirectly by saying you can try.

“I want to become a full-time writer. That’s a long time dream of mine!”

“Be realistic, man! I tried becoming a writer. I wrote consistently for a few months. Nothing came out of it. I made no money. In the end, I only wasted time. There’s no future in writing. You can try. But it’s up to you. Be realistic. Don’t fool yourself thinking you can make a life out of writing.”

See what I mean?

People can’t do something themselves coz they didn’t have the damn dedication, discipline, commitment, rigorous practice and the persistence needed to break through the success barrier. You know what they will tell you? They will tell you that you can’t do it either. They will ask you to be REALISTIC. They will tell you are TOO OPTIMISTIC. They will tell you are TOO POSITIVE. They will ask you TO BE PRACTICAL.


No, I won’t ask you to be dreamy. I won’t ask you to be realistic.

You know what I will ask you to be? SMART.

Be smart. If you don’t have money, you don’t have the support of your parents and you want to pursue writing and become a writer, and you want to quit your job and start pursuing it now – THAT’S DUMB.

What’s SMART? Making sure you set up a way for survival before you start pursuing it. You have to make sure that even when you go full on into the pursuit of your dream, you will still have ways to make a living, pay for your food, rent, and heat. If you don’t already have a way, make a way. Work hard, save money, set up passive income sources and then when you know you are ready, go full on into the pursuit. If you already have enough money, stop doing everything else and start pursuing your dream.

Be disciplined. Nobody ever achieved anything without discipline. Even if you manage to achieve something without discipline, it requires immense discipline to maintain what you have achieved. So, discipline is the basis of all things great. You can’t become completely disciplined in just one day. It doesn’t happen like that. Take one habit you wanna build, be consistent with it for one month, you will find that it becomes a habit after one month. Like this, if you take up 12 things for 12 months, you have 12 habits. It may be as simple as practicing gratitude everyday to as difficult as waking up at 4 am everyday.

Be consistent. If you take up one thing, focus on that one thing and get it done. Having your focus divided between so many things is going to make you unproductive. Don’t multitask. Multitasking is not effective. It may seem like it is. It really is not. Do one task, only one at a time, and give all of you to it, even if you do it for just 15 minutes.

Be obsessed. Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. So, be obsessed. It’s self-explanatory. If you have a dream, give it a shot and be obsessed about it. Have the vision of where you will be down the road, have a vision of where you want to be down the road. At the same time, be realistic about the short term and long term targets that you set. If you start learning guitar and you expect to play like Joe Satriani or Steve Vai within 2 years, that’s unrealistic. No, it’s not impossible. It is possible. By all means, you can go ahead and prove everyone wrong. The truth is, if you are obsessed, anything is possible. If you aren’t, you will break in the period where you hit a plateau. So, be obsessed.

Be dreamy. Daydream a lot whenever you get time. Daydream about how your life will be when you become what you wanna be. I am not asking you to daydream all the time. I am just asking you to take time and visualize what you want to be. It works a magic in its own way.

Be curious. The day you lose your curiosity is the day you stop growing. Ever notice how a child asks questions about everything? Over the years, the children get conditioned to ask lesser and lesser questions. Then, life becomes something of a blind sleepwalking where if you don’t ask questions and accept the status quo, you will survive. If you ask questions and question the status quo, if you are inquisitive, you will be ignored, isolated. You need to make sure that you ask your questions to the right people.

Be silent. Stop talking about your dreams to people who don’t care. Stop talking about what you are doing. Talk less. Work more. Work in darkness. Let the final result of your work shine the light on you. No one needs to know what you are doing, how you are doing it unless they are gonna be an integral part of what you are doing.

You have a dream, have the courage to pursue it. You don’t have the resources to pursue it now? Then build your life in such a way that you set up a way to get those resources. Be SMART about what you are doing. Stop listening to the naysayers. Start listening to your inner compass.

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