Psychological Setup For Becoming Rich And Wealthy – Series Introduction.



What does the term wealth mean to you? When would you call someone as a wealthy person? Does having more money equals being wealthy? Does money equal wealth?

Wealth doesn’t just mean having more than enough money to buy more than enough things and experiences. Being truly wealthy also involves two aspects of life that people so often ignore – being healthy physically and having healthy relationships.

When it comes to personal wealth, it has three aspects.

  • Physical – the physical aspects of wealth including the ability to earn wealth by doing something tangible and physical, in the real world.
  • Intellectual – the knowledge and wisdom you need to utilize the physical and the mental resources that you have access to.
  • Psychological – the emotional and spiritual aspects which drive the physical and the intellectual.

In this series, we are going to deal with the psychological aspect of wealth.

Why have I named this series as a psychological “SETUP”? Any guesses?

Well, being a software engineer, I am all hyped up and excited to give you an explanation of wealth from a software standpoint.

Setup as a term is more often associated with software. The process of installation, un-installation and modification of software is generally called as the setting up of the software.

Let me give you an overview of the psychological aspect.

The brain is the hardware here.

As such, we can’t do anything with the hardware unless and until we have software to go along with it.

We have two types of software – System Software and Application Software. System Software comprises of the operating system and all the stuff that supports the operating system (like registry, service manager, device manager, etc). Application softwares are generally the ones used by the end users in order to make use of the hardware and the operating system to perform some task.

When we are born, we initially come with the system software installed in the brain with the default settings turned on for the optimized usage of the hardware. The area where the system software and some persistent application software are installed is called “the subconscious”. The area where we can install the new system and application software is called “the conscious”. When the new software becomes persistent, it eventually moves into the subconscious. The application software that becomes persistent and is more often used moves into the “frequently used applications” folder of your brain.

Over the period of years, we pick up many things (install many application software) like walking, running, cycling, writing, reading, language skills, et al, which all become a part of the frequently used applications. We pick up some of these things with awareness. But, growing up, we barely have any awareness of what we are picking up and moving into our subconscious. In our initial years, the process of how and what we pick up is mostly dictated by our surroundings – the things we see, the people around us, and the world we interact with.

The system software in our brain also consists of our belief system (much like the kernel). This is the most central and integral part of our entire system. This part of our system software is responsible for driving our life in ways most of us don’t understand. Needless to say, this part of our system is responsible for the things, people and situations that we end up attracting into our life.

All of us pick up some things that go into the subconscious and change some of the system software files from the default condition they came with. Sometimes, these are good changes (like being non-judgemental, showing empathy to people, showing kindness to animals). Sometimes, these are harmful changes (like the belief that the world is out to get us, like believing that being an introvert means there is some problem with you, and so on.)

Whether the changes are good or not, all these changes made to the system software essentially end up being reflected by what I call the kernel of the psyche – the belief system.

So, if the changes are good, the belief system gets better. If the changes are harmful, the belief system gets worse. Most of us go through life without consciously realizing this. This essentially ends up creating our world.

We see the world not as it is, but as we are. So, the world you see is different from the world your friend sees. The world we all see is subjective, subjective to the beliefs that make up our belief system.

It is from this standpoint that we are going to go through this series together – the psychological setup.

You may be a 15-year-old or a 45-year-old. If you are reading this, you also probably have a fully formed belief system with some of your beliefs changed for better, some of it changed for worse. You have unconsciously made way for a lot of such changes in your kernel. You have been conditioned by everything you allowed inside – the media you consumed, the TV shows you have watched, the news you saw/read every day, the things you heard from the people around you, and so on.

This series is a part of un-conditioning and re-conditioning yourself for a better life and for attracting better things. In short, this series is a part of prepping yourself to become wealthy and more importantly, prepping yourself to retain the wealth you acquire.


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