What Is A Psychological Blueprint? Why Is It Important? – Psychological Setup For Becoming Wealthy – Part – 1

Have you ever heard of the term “blueprint”? It is used to refer to a detailed design or a plan, usually for accomplishing something.

You have a blueprint for flats. You have a blueprint for hospital buildings. You can get a blueprint for almost everything physical. But, blueprints are not just restricted to physical things. They can also be psychological.

What are psychological blueprints?

As I specified in the introduction, we are born initially installed with the default settings in our brain’s software for the optimum usage of the hardware (the body). These default settings also include the blueprint. The blueprint is basically a roadmap, kind of like a design/plan which decides what you attract, who you attract and how you attract them. It also decides what you repel away, who you repel away and how you repel them away. It also decides how much of both you do in combination with each other. It’s basically like a game-plan, for everything you do in your life.

Initially, we come with the default blueprint, which is like a clean slate, an abstract class which we can define and extend. As we grow up, we pick up so many things without awareness that end up changing the system software area. For better or for worse, as we grow up, we also define and extend this blueprint. The blueprint is changed as we grow up, and for most of us, it’s not for better.

Let’s say you have a text file in your system. Initially there is nothing in the text file. Then you add four lines to the text file and save. When you open the file again, what do you see? Four lines of text that you had inserted will exactly be what you see. Now, you edit the last two lines. You save it and reopen it. What do you find? The last two lines are changed.

Assume that this text is a java program. Let’s take a hello world program. Instead of “hello world”, you modify the print statement as System.out.println(“Hello Watson!”); and you save it. You compile it. You run it. It is a hello world program. It should show “Hello World!” Instead, what does it show? Hello Watson! Why? Coz, the program has changed. You changed it!

Assume you didn’t change the SysOut statement. You didn’t modify anything in the java file. But whenever you run it, you expect a different output. Probably something like “Hello Angelina!” is what you expect. Another time, you expect “Hey Chandler!” as the output. Do you think you will be seeing these output every time you run the file? No? Why not?

A blueprint is something similar. What is in your psychological blueprint will continue to run your life in a certain way until and unless you change what’s in it. Once you change what’s in it, it will be reflected in the output.

There is a mango tree at my home. Every summer, it gives us somewhere close to 400-500 mangoes. We eat most of it over the period of summer. Some of it we distribute to our friends and neighbors. I tried to plant another mango tree by planting one of the seeds and watering it. My niece is a 3-year-old. When I was planting the seed, I asked her to pour the first water in the soil around the seed. She asked me what will happen if she does that. I told her that the seed will sprout and start growing into a plant, and then into a tree. She likes grapes and apples. She asked me if the tree will give her grapes and apples. I told her that it is a mango seed, so the tree will be a mango tree and that she can get only mangoes from that tree.

It’s like this. What we plant under the soil will give rise to what we can get above it. If you plant a guava seed, you will get a guava tree and hence guavas. If you plant a mango seed, you will get a mango tree and hence mangoes. You can’t plant a mango seed and expect an apple tree to grow. Worse yet, you can’t plant a mango seed, look at the growing mango tree, and still expect it to give you apples. Sadly, this is what most of us do. We keep planting and watering the same seed over and over again and we expect a different tree to grow. We keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting it to yield different results.

Everything that we experience in our life is a result of something. You getting into a car and driving to the nearest mall is a result of your deciding that you will go to the mall and getting ready to do that. Getting an A+ in all subjects is a result of consistent hard work and smart work combined. Everything in this world is a result. There is always a cause. Similarly, your status of wealth, health, and being is also a result of something. What is that something? That’s the psychological blueprint you have.

Have you ever, like EVER, heard of a lottery winner (let’s say winning a million dollars) going on to use that million dollars to make millions more? Have you ever heard of a lottery winner who started a business with the money he won and went on to become a successful businessman?

I am sure you haven’t.

Have you ever, like EVER, heard of a successful investor (think Warren Buffett) buy a lottery ticket? I am sure you haven’t.

If you look at the lives of lottery winners, they’ll be miserable first, then they win the lottery, and soon they go back to being miserable again. They usually burn through all of their lottery money. Somehow they manage to go back to ground zero. Have you ever wondered how or why this happens?

If you look at the lives of successful business people and investors, no matter how the market is, no matter how the economy is, they always seem to be earning and earning more. Ever wondered why this happens?

As I said before, everything is a result. If the scenario about lottery winners and investors mentioned above are also results, then what is the cause?

The way your psychological blueprint is made up for every aspect of your life is the cause. Especially with respect to money, your money blueprint is more like a guidance system to your subconscious. It tells the subconscious how it should drive your spending and saving habits in order to give you the results that are programmed to be given to you.  If the programming you picked up is for you to be wealthy, earn more than enough money, then that is what will happen. If the programming you picked up conditioned your blueprint to drive you to always spend whatever you have, saving very little, then that is what will happen.

You must have heard this at least from one person in your life. “I don’t have enough money to pursue ____” (fill any goal in that place). This is a classic excuse for inaction. In reality, lack of money is a result, not a cause. So, if you are not having as much money as you want for any purpose it may be, there’s something wrong with your blueprint and it’s not really the work of God or some imaginary figure in the skies.

Now that we have established the basis for this series, we will use this established groundwork to drive the series further.


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