Django Update – A Very Effective Free Django Tutorial Available On Udemy!

You can find this amazing tutorial here – Django Tutorial – Getting Started with Django.

The following is the excerpt from their introduction to the course. It will give you a clarity about what to expect.

In this tutorial I’ll show you the basics ideas involved in creating a website with Django starting from scratch. Follow along with the code samples as I build a tiny book database and by the end you’ll understand the pieces that make up a typical Django project and how they fit together. This tutorial should take less than two hours to complete and won’t demonstrate every part of Django or every best practice – but if you complete it you’ll be well prepared to tackle more substantial tutorials and projects.

This tutorial is aimed at beginners to the world of web development. Hopefully you have experimented with Python and HTML but have never used Django before.

Don’t worry if you’re new to Python. There are many resources for learning Python – but by following along you’ll gain some basic Python skills as you learn Django. (More than one programmer has learned Python by learning Django!)

You should also take comfort in the excellent documentation! Django’s docs are excellent and comprehensive – throughout I’ll highlight areas of the documentation you’ll want to read to learn more.

All the tools we’ll use run on Windows, OS X, and Linux alike. I’ll be working from OS X but will point out where details may differ depending on your operating system so you can follow along.

Go check out the tutorial immediately and get started right away!

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