About Me:

I am the founder of Highterate and I am as growth-oriented as it gets.

At Hercules Phaeton, I will show you how to be(come) wealthy.

I am a Software Engineer working in the payments industry. I work on cutting edge technology in the field of payments on a daily basis. 1 out of 20 people paying online will probably be using what I am helping build. You might probably be that one person too.

I am a writer. I blog about wealth here. I write about everything else at Hercules Phaeton’s Quora Blog.

I am a songwriter. I am still a beginner at it. Eventually, I am going to get better at writing songs.

I am a visual designer. I have played done the custom designing of my blog and my media/news startup Highterate.

I am an avid reader. I mostly read non-fiction, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, biographies and autobiographies.

I am passionate about music, teaching, and self-improvement. The reason I chose to write is to teach/share with a large group of people whatever I learn on a daily basis.

So, that’s about me.